Jag är bröllopsfotograf samt familjefotograf och utgår från södra Stockholm men fotograferar ditt bröllop eller familj var som helst i stockholmsområdet. Jag har familj i västra Skåne så jag fotar gärna även där!

Jag fotar nästan allt med människor att göra! Gravida magar, bebisar, barn, familjer, boudoir, förlovning, studenten och bröllopfoto! Jag vill så gärna dokumentera era liv så att ni får den där magiska känslan varje gång ni tittar på bilderna i framtiden.

Jag är medlem i barnfotografer.se samt bröllopsfotografer.com, en samling av Sveriges bästa bröllopsfotografer!

Om ni gillar mina bilder klicka gärna på 'like'!

Wednesday 16 December 2009

Oskar checks out the camera

I found some time this afternoon while Oskar was sleeping to edit a few more photos and felt I had to share this one!

Tuesday 15 December 2009

Latest Lindholm family member - Oskar!

Oskar was born on the 12th November so he is now just over 1 month old. He was born a little early but had a good weight at 3290 grams and 49 cm long! 1 month later he is now 54.5cm long and weighs a whopping 4410 grams!

Naturally his dad and I think he is the most beautiful baby ever, but you can judge for yourself with these photos. I haven't had much time for real photography so these quick snaps will have to do.

1 day old with pappa.

1 month old and 5 minutes with my 'real' camera, a white sheet, a mini santa hat and a christmas snow globe...

My blog is likely to be rather uneventful these coming months with a few updates of Oskar while I enjoy my maternity leave.

Pregnancy shoot... of ME!

Being pregnant was such a magical time in my life. My husband and I had wanted a baby for a long time and we were finally expecting it was a dream come true. We felt so close and excited and happy that we just had to get this time captured on camera. We wanted pictures to show how we felt, our closeness to eachother and our growing baby. And we are so glad we did! We trusted Juliana Wiklund of morethanwords to shoot this special time and we are thrilled with the result!

These shots were taken late October when I was 34 weeks pregnant which turned out to be just three weeks before our little darling made his early entrance into our world.

and a few more in this slideshow...

Thanks so much Juliana!

Sunday 30 August 2009

Carolin & Christian's Wedding Day!

Yesterday was the big day for Carolin and Christian who got married in Sundbyberg. Their portrait session was shot around the church grounds before the ceremony. I had a great time photographing them becasue they both exuded love and affection. There are so many lovely shots with love in their eyes that it's been tough to decide which images to process first! Here's the sneak preview anyway!

Saturday 29 August 2009

Carolin and Christian get married today!

Today I get the pleasure of photographing Carolin and Christian's wedding. Since I stepped in to cover another photographer who couldn't make it, I didn't get the opportunity for a real engagement photo shoot but we managed 5 minutes in my garden when we met last week! I thought I'd share this shot since Caroline's eyes are so stunning! I can only imagine how she's going to look today with the wedding glow in her eyes when she gets to see her husband to be for the first look!

Friday 21 August 2009

Semper 19/08

Juliana of MoreThanWords had the job on wednesday to photograph 15 babies for Semper's image bank. Lucky me was asked if I wanted to come along and see how she works and lend a helping hand when required! Of course I took my camera and was asked to get some shots of Juliana in action and some gerenal reportage/what's happening type photos.

I even managed to snap few baby shots of my own. They were all so cute. I can't wait until November when our little boy makes his appearance in the world!

It was a quite fun watching Juliana trying to capture the babies feeding themselves... such a mess!

Sunday 9 August 2009

Sarah and Tom's Wedding day

I shot Sarah and Tom's engagement back in April and have I've really been looking forward to this day since I'd get to work in my own language, English! Thanks so much for choosing me to share your day with you. As the photographer we probably get to spend the most time with the wedding couple on their big day which basically means hours of guarenteed laughter and happiness!

The ceremony was at Orkesta Kyrka in Vallentuna. It is a small and charming church is one of the oldest churches in Sweden dating back to the 1100's! Here comes the first selection of ceremony reportage and portraits from yesterday.

Sunday 31 May 2009

Anneli and Jens Slideshow

1 week later and here comes the slideshow from Anneli and Jens' wedding! Such a beautiful couple on a perfect and beautiful day!

Sunday 24 May 2009

Anneli and Jens

Saturday 23rd May was the big day for Anneli and Jens! I had the good fortune to assist Juliana Wiklund photographing Anneli and Jens's portrait session and wedding ceremony in Vingåker. It was a beautiful personal ceremony which meant I cried!..but only a bit! Here come a few of my first developed shots...

And last but not least, a fun shot of Juliana in action capturing the beautiful bridal couple. Check out Juliana's blog for even more fabulous shots of beautiful Anneli and Jens! http://www.morethanwords.se/blog/

Monday 27 April 2009

RIFO exhibition!

I entered a photo in this years RSF (Riksforbundet Svensk Fotografi) competition for digital photos. The topic was anything we choose so of course my entry was a wedding photo! The jury was Sören Håkanlind (prize winning photographer) and Lena Kvist (journalist, even for Foto magazine). There were 793 entries and mine has been selected in the top 42 for exhibition at the annual RIFO conference! What a surprise!...I do love the shot!

Saturday 18 April 2009

Sarah and Tom's Slideshow

Here is the complete photo collection from Sarah and Tom's engagement photo shoot! It's so easy to see how at ease they are with eachother and how in love they are! aaarrrhhh!

Monday 13 April 2009

Sarah and Tom Engagement

On Sunday I had the pleasure of shooting Sarah and Tom's engagement photos...and we had a blast! Sarah is actually Swinglish and has followed her mum's footsteps in finding herself a fine Englishman to marry! Sarah and Tom are the sweetest couple full of laughter and such fun. Tom actually proposed at the top of a bridge tower in Prague...afraid of heights he didn't dare to get down on one knee though! After 5 years together they are getting married in August in Vallentuna and I'm really looking forward to sharing their big day.

Here are a few sneak preview shots from their engagament photos session.

Sunday 29 March 2009

New blog layout!

I have updated my blog layout to allow me to post larger photos and move all the 'bumf' to the bottom of the page. It's still a work in progress so you might notice a few more changes over the next couple of weeks. "Emilie, 7 months" is the first entry in the new larger size, but I have also updated the latest shots of sebastian in the larger format too. Do let me know what you think to the new format!

Thursday 19 March 2009

No more free baby shoots

Thanks so much to all the family's who have volunteered to be photographed while I build up my portfolio. 3 shoots already done and two booked means that I have no more free baby photo shoots available. A few more photos of lovely Alva are available on my website portfolio and more of Sebastian will follow shortly.

I have two sessions already booked: One with baby Emilie and the other another with brothers Alexander och Vincent and I'm really looking forward to them both. So, don't forget to check back here regularly for updated shots.

Since a blog entry is always better with a photo, here's another one of Alva!

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