Jag är bröllopsfotograf samt familjefotograf och utgår från södra Stockholm men fotograferar ditt bröllop eller familj var som helst i stockholmsområdet. Jag har familj i västra Skåne så jag fotar gärna även där!

Jag fotar nästan allt med människor att göra! Gravida magar, bebisar, barn, familjer, boudoir, förlovning, studenten och bröllopfoto! Jag vill så gärna dokumentera era liv så att ni får den där magiska känslan varje gång ni tittar på bilderna i framtiden.

Jag är medlem i barnfotografer.se samt bröllopsfotografer.com, en samling av Sveriges bästa bröllopsfotografer!

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Sunday 30 May 2010

Rebecca and Andy: Married at Skansen!

Yesterday I shot a wedding with Juliana of More than Words and the forecast was rain! Oh no! BUT... on the whole rain held off for the 2 hour portrait session and we had an amazing time! Rebacca and Andy were just ooozing love and laughter making our job really quite easy! Rebecca works in finance but she could have another career as a model I'm sure: she was such a natural at finding poses for us and looked stunning in every shot!

Most of the photo session was at Skansen which gave us the amazing opportunity of shooting Rebecca and Andy in the most super locations! The ceremony followed at Seglora church but for now the portrait session will have to be enough to satisfy your curiosity! Thanks so much Juliana, Rebacca and Andy for a really fun day! A few shots are shown here and a slide ahow with even more comes at the end of this post! But first... an action shot of Juliana as Rebecca and Andy see eachother for the first time all dressed up ready to get married!

and the slideshow...

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Baby Stella, 6 months young!

What a beautiful day it's been today after the past few days of grey skies and rain! To end the day I had a family shoot with Maria, Andreas and their 6 month old baby Stella who has the most beautiful eyes with long thick dark eylashes! Here's a small selection of the pictures. It's a real variety: we have some elegant portraits, family candids and playful baby shots. I hope you like the shots Maria and Andreas as much as I do! You have lots to choose from!

Sunday 23 May 2010

Tilda and Ida

So, here is the full blog just for lovely Ida and Tilda! This was a really fun photo shoot and a tough blog to select photos for since there were so many lovely shots. I just couldn't decide which ones to share...so there are quite a few here!

Tilda is the budding balarina, so graceful and elegant for just 3 years old!

Ida is the brave gymnast who showed me her cartwheels and rolypolies! I was actually a gymnast when I was younger and I just wish I could still do those some of those things!

Saturday 22 May 2010

Oskar 6 months young!

As promised here are some more pictures of Oskar taken yesterday! I just can't believe that he is 6 months old already! But then I look at these photos and he looks so much older.. it must be all his hair!

For those interested in used both my 90mm 2.8 and 50mm 1.4 lenses using only natural light to take these shots.

When I tickle Oskar he laughs out load and always bites his hand! It's sooo cute!

Here you can just about see that Oskar's eyes are changing colour. Just around the pupil you can see that the iris is not so blue any more... I guess he's going to end up with my eye colour... hazel...that means a sort of browny-green for you Swedes!

...and he still loves his books! This one, 'The Hungry Catapiller' is a classic. It's so lovely that he will read the same book as I did when I was a child!

Here are some shots taken against the sun of him exploring the grass and flowers around him. Oskar has really only been able to sit unassisted for any prolonged period of time since a week ago so this was his absolute first time to sit and explore the nature for himself! He was so focussed!

hhmmm.. my beautiful baby!

Friday 21 May 2010

Lots to do! Sneak previews of Oskar, Tilda and Ida

So much to do and so little time! Oskar of course is where most of time goes these days and life couldn't be better... well if I lost the hayfever I might be a bit happier! Oskar turned 6 months last week so I had to document this time of course. He can now sit up all be himself and play which is so lovely! And in honour of this milestone here's a picture of Oskar enjoying the Spring!

I also did a short shoot of the two beautiful sisters Tilda and Ida! There will be lots more shots of them coming soon!

Saturday 8 May 2010

Sneak Preview: Wedding of J & J!

Here are a few sneak preview shots of a wedding I shot today assisting Anna Roström! Anna hailed for an assistant at the last minute and lucky me got the chance to see her in action. It was great day! The bride and groom were so natural in front of the camera so we were treated to some stunning shots. Since the bride and groom are still celebrating as I post this blog I'll just share some anonymous pictures just now. I hope to be able to share more later!

and here's one of Anna in action...

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