Jag är bröllopsfotograf samt familjefotograf och utgår från södra Stockholm men fotograferar ditt bröllop eller familj var som helst i stockholmsområdet. Jag har familj i västra Skåne så jag fotar gärna även där!

Jag fotar nästan allt med människor att göra! Gravida magar, bebisar, barn, familjer, boudoir, förlovning, studenten och bröllopfoto! Jag vill så gärna dokumentera era liv så att ni får den där magiska känslan varje gång ni tittar på bilderna i framtiden.

Jag är medlem i barnfotografer.se samt bröllopsfotografer.com, en samling av Sveriges bästa bröllopsfotografer!

Om ni gillar mina bilder klicka gärna på 'like'!

Monday 9 January 2012

New website and blog!

So, this is my very last post on this blog... not because I'm stopping blogging, but becasue I've combined my blog to my main new and shiny website! You can now follow me at www.lindholmphotography.com! Nice and easy! All my old posts with photos have been imported there so you can just move on over! I hope you like the new site! See you there...

Saturday 26 November 2011

More of baby Alice!

Just a quick couple of photos I took of lovely Alice yesterday when my dear friend and photo collegue Anna came to visit!

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Baby Alice, now 3 weeks old!

I know I've been promising blogs for ages and I haven't delivered... but I promise I've been busy! ... giving birth! 3 weeks ago our lovely Alice arrived in the world. After regular prelabour contractions on and off for 5 weeks and a long labour Alice decided it was time at last! As they say, good things come to those who wait. She's such a beautiful darling. Oskar loves her to pieces and just wants to hold her. He thinks it's funny when she makes noises and says, "Hej hej Alice!" expecting a reply! So sweet! I was pretty out of it for quite a while after the delivery (photographed I should add by Juliana Wiklund) so it took me a whole 6 days to pick up a camera and I haven't managed more since then. Heres my favourite of our delivery photos taken by juliana. Alice is just a couple of minutes old, lifted up to my chest for the first time.

...and now to some close ups of Alice, 6 days old.
7 days old...
and 2½ weeks!

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Olivias Christening

It's been a while since I blogged! I am now 8 months pregnant have a lot of difficulty getting around so I haven't been able to photograph anything since the beginning of July. I'm keeping busy though! I have a whole lot of exciting things to blog, such a thank you card designs, book designs, new albums, my own family/pregnancy photo session and more.... I will try and post a couple of times per week from now until the baby arrives so keep checking in! Anyway, to the first of my blogs after the Summer... during my holidays I went to visit my brother and his family in Plymouth (UK) for the special event of baby Olivias christening! It was so lovely to see Richard and Katy with their beautiful liltte Olivia, who I have to say, is so like my brother when he was small! Well, with my limited ability to move (I was using crutches to walk at this time) here's a selection of photos I took on Olivias special day.

Olivia is Oskars first cousin and so since I'm expecting a little one very soon it was so wonderful to see Oskars reaction to her. He just wanted to kiss her and stroke her all the time. I'm so looking forward to taking these type of pictures of my little ones together!...it's not long to go now!
In the evening all the family went out for a pub dinner, English style! We were a little nervous as to how Oskar was going to take the evening but he found plenty to amuse himself with! Isn't he so cute in his little suit!

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Nina and Fredrik Married at Djurönäset!

This weekend I photographed Nina and Fredriks wedding. After their lovely engagement shoot I was so looking forward to this day. The setting was at Djurönäset, the perfect archepelago setting reachable by car. The location, the rooms, the staff were all lovely. Most importantly though, Nina and Fredrik were beaming happiness, bliss, love. They were just perfect! So, here are just a few of my favourites! I had such a hard time picking out those to blog that I put together a little slideshow to show a few more!

This was my last wedding of the year. Boo hoo. I am now 5 months pregnant and the pelvic girdle pains are causing too much pain and difficulty to continue. Since I suffered similar problems during my last pregnancy I could make the cancellations necessary in good time and help all my late Summer couples find amazing alternative photographers. I'm going to be missing out on loads of beautiful weddings but I'll be following lots of blogs looking out for 'my' couples!! So, with this, my last wedding of the year I had the assistance of Özgür who was brilliant in lugging my heavy bag around! Thank you so much! Keep an eye out on his blog for his favourite shots of the day. The ones I saw in camera were fantastic!

To my followers, don't fret, I will still be blogging, although not over these next few weeks while I take some vacation. I have a few things left in the pipeline and eventually photos of our baby girl (so they tell us) when she shows up in the Autumn!

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Scarlet, Sydney, London, Brooklyn and Jimmy!

Last year I photographed Scarlet, Jimmy and Sydney while Scarlet was pregnant with twins. Now a year on I photographed the new bigger family complete with London and Brooklyn! The girls were just adorable in their matching purple dresses and cardigans! London is a very serious little one whilst Brooklyn is quick to laugh...but they both laughed away on the swings!!

Apparently Scarlet and Jimmy have had no luck getting a photo with all three girls looking in the same direction. It takes some patience!..but we got there in the end as well as all the beautiful moments of love and laughter that I just love to capture! I'm really looking forward to designing their book! It's going to be great!

Familjefotografering i Enskede, Stockholm.

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